World’s 55 Stunning Surfing Beaches

A water sports game is a very popular game nowadays. There are the world’s 55 stunning surfing beaches, which are very popular beaches in the world. All of the beaches are most suitable for you and your family. Stunning location with beautiful waves that flows your mind and soul.

It may or may not be a surf for beach lover friends or beach lovers. Maybe in your spare time, you will turn on your TV and watch some surfing beaches, and some beaches are light or some mind-blowing. You might know there is plenty of surfing spot in the world. Which has very much gorgeous or eye-catching scenery.

I’ve never been surfing before. The waves looked so big, tossing surfers this way and that. Yet the surfers didn’t seem to mind getting tossed about on their boards as they barreled toward shore, riding the waves back out again for another round of fun in the sun.

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Take a Look The Most Stunning Surfing Beaches

1. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

Maybe the world’s number one wave. It is the place of birth of riding on the wave. Most surfer’s like this place. Located in the Banzai Pipeline, or simply Pipeline or Pipe is a surf reef break located in Hawaii, off Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea on O’ahu’s North Shore. Most surfers do not dare to ride with the wave. It’s called pipeline masters. Held the most prestigious contest every year.

2. Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay is one of the most renowned places for surfing. It is a famous destination for all surfing lover people. Every year in July held surf league. Joined many professional surfers joined the league. 300 meters long ride competition. A crowd of people attends the rides up 300 meters long. There are two sections, kitchen windows, Magna tubes, boneyards, albatross, tubes, Impossibles, and the point.

3. Teahupo’o, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Teahupoo is one of the most finest and daring waves on the planet. Located on the southwestern coast of the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia. Teahupoo is a village in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is also known as glassy waves offshore, surf break. Often reaching 2 to 3 and sometimes up to 7 meters. 

4. Uluwatu and Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Uluwatu was “discovered” as a surfing destination in 1972, with Albie Falzon and David Elphick making the 1971 classic surf film Morning of the Earth. The main goal of the film was to show the waves around the hut.

After a few days of shooting at Kuta beach, they find Uluwatu. To reach Uluwatu, one has to go down to the bottom of the temple and exit through two rocks at the foot of the cave, Uluwatu beach.

5. P-Pass, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

P-Pass is also known as Palikir Pass. It is known as awesome for the right-hander. This is attracted all surfers from all globe. The right time to visit the place is November to march during the North Pacific swell season.

6. Maverick’s, California

Mavericks is a surfing location in northern California outside Pillar Point Harbor, just north of the town of Half Moon Bay at the village of Princeton-by-the-Sea. After a strong winter storm in the northern Pacific Ocean, waves can routinely crest at over 25 ft (8 m) and top out at over 60 ft (18 m). Routinely, waves that break can be recorded on seismometers.

7. Hossegor, France

It is well known to all professional surfers in the world. Every year, they hold a championship at the end of September in Hossegor. The French surf federation headquarters is in Hossegor. Surfing is the main attraction of all surfers and is very important to all tourists.

8. Puerto Escondido, Southern Oaxaca, Mexico

Puerto Escondido is one of the most beautiful visitors fascinating on the Oaxacan coast. It caters to more low-quality and eclectic clients than neighboring Huatulco, mostly surfers, backpackers, and Mexican families. The main attraction is the beach: Zicatella Beach hosts the main surfing competition, the other beach has mild waves. A large lagoon area west of the city is popular for fishing and bird watching.

9. Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines

This place was discovered in the 1980s.  Fearless surfers often surf with waves. Held domestic and international competitions by the provincial government in Surigao del Norte.

10. Lance’s Right, Sipora, Mentawais Islands, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

This place is one of the most perfect waves in the world. Discovered in 1971. This is known as a right, meaning the waves break from right to left from the point of view of a guard on the shore. Warm water with perfect waves attracted all surfers and tourists.

11. Sultans, North Male, Maldives

The sultans’ position next to Honkey’s holds the uninhabited island of Thamburudhu, which they both demolished, running for the most perfect island on the world shore fortunately the beach and the entire coral reef are not government property and are confined. The right hand of the Sultans on the one hand and the left hand of the Hunky, on the other hand, give it a double threat which is hard to defeat, especially when you consider that if Honkey’s is onshore, the Sultans is offshore. This is the place you dreamed of – it always has something to surf on.

12. Trestles, Orange County, California

There is a five-spot of Trestles consisting from the north to south. Upper Trestles, Lower Trestles, Middle Trestles. North of the upper trestles is the surf spot called cotton. South of middles is the surf spot called The Church. Held WSL world tour surfing competition for many years.

13. Honolua Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Honolua Bay has a rocky coastline with small beaches, coral reefs in marine conservation, and world-famous surf breaks. In December Honolua host the annual Billabong Pipe Women’s surf competition.

14. Montanita Beach, Montanita, Ecuador

Many travelers (or even know) don’t make it to this spot on the west coast of Ecuador.

Most go straight to the Galapagos Islands and miss this hidden place, which wasn’t even on the map a few years ago.

There are only a thousand or more locals in Montana and they are among the most friendly surfers you can find.

After pushing the right-hand break, you can get to know them during the press-surf event in the village bar strip.

15. Rincon, Santa Barbara, California

When the surf is up Rincon is the best place in California. Travelers, surfers, and visitors often go to this place and enjoy the waves. It is a world-famous spot. Short and long waves happen.

16. Nihiwatu, Sumba, Indonesia

It is a stunning location for all. One of the best beaches ever. Surfers paradise with 2 or 3-meter tall waves between June and September. It would be a great place for you all day, any day

17. Manu Bay, Raglan, New Zealand

Manu Bay is a world-renowned surfing zone in the world. In 1966, it got international attention. You can see Manu Bay in Endless Summer. The bay’s waves range from three-meters approx.

To the west of Hamilton, Raglan is a surfing mecca and a dramatically picturesque area of black sand coastline. Many people believe that this coast has the longest, most accessible, and most consistent left-hand break in the Gulf of Manu. There are some nice walks in the Raglan area.

18. Riyuewan, Sanya, Hainan Island, China

Xinglong Town, along the east coast of Riyue Bay or Riyuewan Hainan Island in China, is located near Wanning City Hainan Island, 110 km from Sanya in the south and 170 km from Haikou in the northern piece of Hainan Island.

With its mighty waves, Ryu Bay is the best beach in Hainan, especially for surfing during the winter (November to March). So for surfing in China during the winter, one of the few choices on Hainan Island is great surfing.

Riyue Bay Wanning also hosts several international surfing competitions.

19. Jaws, Maui, Hawaii

Peahi or Jaws is a place on the north coast of the island of Maui in the US state of Hawaii. This gave the name of a big wave surfing break.

The jaw is probably the largest, heaviest, and fastest wave in the Pacific Ocean. When the extreme surf break shows its teeth, you hear the thunder of the waves on the wall of deep water. The jaw, also known as the Peahi, is Maui’s most infamous surf spot and it generates waves between 30 and 80 feet.

20. The Box, Margaret River Valley, Australia

The box is probably the most respected slab wave in the world, which means it transforms quickly from deep to shallow water.

Named for its square barrel shape, the box is believed to be responsible for the resurgence among thrill seekers searching for dangerous slab waves around the world.

“It’s as sharp as hell, but it’s worth it,” said Taylor Paul, editor-in-chief of Surfing Magazine. “It has an incredibly late takeoff and it offers a short, powerful right-hand barrel.”

21. Surfrider Beach, Malibu, California

This small, perfectly formed crest where Johnny Fain and Mickey Dora surfed in the 1950s occupied a longboard and was a great place for beach boy-style surfing. Unfortunately, the place is absolutely rammed for this reason.

22. Superbank, Gold Coast, Australia

Superbank is a man-made surf break located in Kulangatta on the Gold Coast of Australia. Despite the crowded waters, Superbank offers a complete adventure in the Wave Riding portfolio: Quick Barrel, Spice Section, Aerial Ramp, and Classic Wave Face.

But the superbank is sensitive to subtle changes and if the surf breaks off, so will Kulangatta tourism. The sand pumped north of the Tweed River lets you get to the barrel in the first part of Greenmount, and then if you’re lucky and good enough, the Wave

According to Tweed Sand Bypassing, between April 1, 2000, and October 20, 2002, the amount of dredged sand reached 1,062,618 square meters.

23. Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island, Fiji

In the South Pacific region, strictly for cloud brake experts.

This brutal, hollow wave is formed about 1,600 meters off the coast and holds up to 500 meters, reaching 10 meters in size.

24. Watergate Bay, Cornwall, England

Watergate Bay is not as famous as Fistral Bay, but its English appeal is more, less crowded, and equally to Surfable, with waves ranging from 30 centimeters to three meters.

25. Backdoor, Oahu, Hawaii

Spots only for experts, the bottom of the reef makes strong, hollow, fast, and scary world-class tubes.

The epic, though its North Shore neighbor, is not as epic as the Pipeline.

Non-expert surfers should probably feel this break from the beach.

26. Pasta Point, Maldives

One of the most famous waves in the Maldives, this break offers left-handed rides and 100m pure tube sea voyages.

Here’s a catch: Only Dhonveli Beach Resort and Spa guests can enter the spot. The cost of staying on the exclusive island is over $340 per night.

27. Tamarindo Beach, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Good for beginners and experts, this half-kilometer stretch of beach with warm water creates waves that reach a height of three meters.

Howler monkeys are swaying through the trees and shouting parakeets in the background.

28. Bundoran Beach, County Donegal, Ireland

This shimmering green water creates rolling waves, which are shaped by the headland and flat stone wall.

Coldwater does not prevent die-hard.

Locals will provide tips and advice to visiting surfers.

29. Rincon, Puerto Rico

Not to be confused with Rincon, California (also on this list), this once-sleeping city of Puerto Ricans in the Caribbean Sea has become famous for surfing.

Green Hills is a great place to get the best surf scout from.

30. Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

A sandy, horseshoe set in the bay, especially beautiful in the Hanalei of Kauai, with waterfalls under the great tropical cliffs in the background.

Professionals prefer it for its overhead tubes and consistently fine waves.

Others simply prefer the super-chill vibe of a perfect beach town.

31. Carrapateira, Portugal

This beautiful left-handed Euro break with plenty of shelter from the rocks can reach up to three meters during the mid-high tide.

After all, it is usually empty.

32. Coconuts, Samoa

Even professional surfers come close to cracking their board in this classic wave, which breaks over live corals and offers 150-meter rides on peak days.

There is a magical place. . . Called Samoa. And in the heart of this South Pacific paradise, you will find Coconut Beach Club Resort and Spa, a truly cozy, beachy, authentic Samoan resort.

33. Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

Surfing competitions are often held in this decent-quality sandbar below San Paolo on the east coast of Brazil.

There is a fun-loving atmosphere, as well as some nice bars from where you can surf until sunset and eat delicious local grubs.

34. Pedra Branca Ericeira, Portugal

The Pedra Branca of Ericeira is an open reef break that has fairly consistent surf, although most of the summer is flat. The best direction of the wind is from the east. Most of the surf here comes from the ground well and the ideal swell angle is from the southwest. There is a left-hand reef break. When the surf is up, the crowd is probably wary of urchins and rocks.

35. Killer Point, Taghazout, Morocco

Popular by hippies in the 1960s, this southern Moroccan village makes for a completely unique surf trip.

Famous point breaks are sometimes named after Killer whales visiting pods. This is probably the most consistent of Tagajut’s point breaks. At low tide, the front edge of the cliff provides a small left and a sectioning right. As it swells, the vertical walls roar below the point, providing barrels and rigid parts.

During high tide, the interior burns because it takes refuge from the north wind. It’s always a bigger break than it looks from Cliff. At low tide, you can avoid the long paddle out if you jump around the bottom of the cliff and turn off the rocks. Your energy is definitely better than using paddling out. All breaks so far are within walking distance of the hash point apartment. Luxurious Killer Apartments look to Mystery, La Source, and Killer Point.

36. Les Cavaliers, Anglet, France

A punchy beach break for experienced surfers.

This is a pristine beach break in the French town of Anglet. This beach break is “all the time” but can be very heavy when the waves rise. This is a beach break which means it offers both left and right. This wave is quite hollow so you can get the barrel. This is really only for more experienced surfers when the waves start to rise. There is a hole in the side of the jetty to paddle out if necessary. Always check the condition before you paddle out!

37. Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Popular among European backpackers, this sweet town has religiously angry playing and waving bars on the 70-kilometer stretch of sand.

Shark nets have been applied, but look for sinking ships.

38. Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

Surfing in Canada provides a pleasant break off the west coast of the capital island.

Unique feature: It is surrounded by an open rainforest.

Suitable for all abilities, the only prerequisite is a thick weight suit – it gets cold there.

39. Ponta Preta, Maio, Cape Verde

Ponta Preta (Portuguese meaning black dot) is a headland located southwest of Mayo Island, in Cape Verde. It is located 1 km southeast of the city of Porto Ingles.

This break on the exposed reef offers thrilling rides in the winter for expert surfers.

40. Biarritz, France

Surfers have been hitting this place since the 1950s.

Due to the terrible swelling of the North Atlantic, it pumps all year round which descends into the Gulf de Gascoigne.

41. Surf Pool, United Arab Emirates

The only artificial surf site to make the list, the Wave Pool of Wadi Adventures in the UAE, has transformed part of its skeptics, inspiring some to declare it the future of surfing.

The surf pool can be adjusted to create right, left, and even barrels.

“It may not be the best wave pool in the world, but it’s the best wave pool in the world,” says Taylor Paul, editor-in-chief of Surfing Magazine.

42. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton, North Carolina

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has been popular since 1970 and is famous for the good surf created by the deadly hurricane, which has destroyed countless ships over the years and earned the nickname “Atlantic Cemetery”.

43. Black’s Beach, San Diego, California

Black Beach was named after a black family who had a horse farm overlooking the beach. They sell the land, and then it is subdivided into the La Jolla Farms lot. Residents of the farm hold the Black Family’s private road to the beach. Many buildings can be seen on the south side of the beach, including the Salk Mansion. There is a funicular that goes from a palace on the hill to the beach in a structure known locally as the Mushroom House.

For experienced professionals, Blacks Beach is one of the strongest breaks in California.

The best surfers in San Diego crowd here; It could get crowded on the weekends.

44. The Bubble, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

On the north coast of El Jabalito, this specialist right-hand tube works best when it is twice above the head.

Like many waves in the canary, the only thing hitting this reef break is the aggressive locals who annoy the visiting surfers to take a turn towards “their” waves. Viewers can find themselves in a paddling race to get shots at this classic face riding.

45. Surfer’s Point, Barbados

This beach, as the name suggests, is a popular surfing destination. However, not only board surfing is popular here …. but Surfers Point also has suitable conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing, boogie boarding, and kayaking.

Located on the southeast coast of Barbados.

46. Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay, also known as Arugam Kudah, is located in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Sri Lanka.

Not just a great surf spot with a peak on the right, here surfers share the beach with wild monkeys and elephants grazing in the nearby forest.

Arugam Bay is the most popular surf spot and the only international surf competition in Sri Lanka. It is also rated as one of the top ten surf destinations in the world It has hosted most international surfing competitions in Sri Lanka since 2004.

47. Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket’s Surin Beach is a great place to sunbathe on the fine white sand, where the Andaman Sea stretches in front of you. Its calm and clear waters are excellent for snorkeling and kayaking, as well as boogie-boarding and surfing.

Although Thailand is not a world-class spot, we love the location, warm opaque water, fresh pads of street stalls, and exciting nightlife.

48. Fulong Beach, Taiwan

In northeastern Taiwan, Fulong Beach has very good camping and generates thrilling right-left-peeling waves from a sand dune.

Fulong Beach, also known as Fulong Bathing Beach

Waves range from one to two meters.

49. Baja Malibu, Baja Norte, Mexico

Although water clean-up is a problem (do not swallow any), this open break works when coastal winds blow from the east.

You can ride both rights and left and read on a sandy base.

50. Eisbach, Munich

The most unusual wave on the list is found in an artificial river next to the English Garten, Munich’s main park. It is completely landlocked.

This one-meter standing wave (i.e. you will not move along the river, but will surf in the same place) is created by water pumped quickly against a large rock, forming a crest.

The journey will not stop until there is enough water … until you fall.

51. Llangennith, Gower

The beach now forms mainly the center of surfers and the northern half of Rossili Bay beach; The bay is more than three miles wide. Llangennith is a popular surfing location mainly due to the constant swells while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Several surfing schools offer summer lessons.

52. Newgale, Pembrokeshire

Newgale (Welsh: Niwgwl) is a village about two miles (3 km) from the beach in Roach, Pembrokeshire, a parish in West Wales. The beach is located in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Trail, with a winding path up and down the hill.

Newgale is one of more than 40 Welsh Blue Flag beaches, meaning it has top certification for quality, cleanliness, and convenience.

The beach is supported by a large pebble arrow that was formed by a large storm on October 25, 1859, and which acts as a beach defense or storm beach. However, this is often violated, and the stones on the main road are washed away. During the January 2014 storm. The sea washed away the gravel wall of the road and a big wave washed the Richards Bros bus into the side field early in the evening. Newgale is popular with holidaymakers, windsurfers, surfers, and canoeists throughout the summer months.

53. Porth Neigwl, Gwynedd

The long, straight beach is about 4 miles (7 km) wide between the two headlands. Behind the beach is a mound of grass that forms a significant sea-water body. The Soch River briefly flows parallel to the shore before reaching Abersk near Llanengan (the only nearby village).

There is a campground in Tai-Morfa near Lanninggan. The big waves make it a popular resort for surfing and sailboarding.

The area is of special scientific interest.

54. Saltburn, North Yorkshire

Saltburn is also well known for its surfing and it boasts a great beach that is equally great for new and advanced surfers. Saltburn Surf School provides tuition and equipment rental. Surfers like the coastline, during autumn and winter months, held national surfing events. England, Scotland, and Wales surfers gather, and all of them are attractive and professional.

55. Pease Bay, Berwickshire

Peach Bay is located on the Scottish border in Scotland. Also the Cockburnspath, East Lothian borders, Cove, and Douglas. There are a number of surfing places situated in the bay. Also, it is very much a private beach. You can visit this place with your companion, with lovely scenery with a great gateway place.


Above all your scenic spots, we’ve already met. Not only are these surfing beaches popular, but there is also plenty of beaches in the world, and you can see the inside of USA surfing spot, which is so beautiful and the best place to surf. So be happy with your family or partner immediately.

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