How To Start Wakeboarding With These 7 Easy Steps

Wakeboarding is a fascinating water sport. It is fun to do and watch. If you want to get started as soon as you can, then you need to know how to start wakeboarding for a better and smoother experience.

You need proper gear, crew, and some skills to stand up on your wakeboard to start. Once you can do that then you will improve fast. There is no shortcut but the road itself is not too long either.

So, here is an easy guide on how to start wakeboarding whether you are a complete beginner or you need some advanced wakeboarding tips and tricks.

Necessary Equipment

Wakeboarding is a sport where the riders go heavy on equipment amount. Here are the 5 things that you must have to start wakeboarding.

What exactly do you require for wakeboarding? A beginner must understand the various wakeboarding equipment he will require for the sport. Which will include, of course, the wakeboard, wakeboarding bindings, the boat, and its accessories such as the wakeboarding tower for more experience, impact vests, and gloves. Rash vests are even recommended by some professionals as part of your wakeboarding equipment.

  1. A specialized motorboat/ cable park
  2. A wakeboard for your size with straps
  3. A life jacket
  4. A non-stretch rope & handle
  5. A wetsuit
  6. Wakeboarding Tower
  7. Bindings

How To Start Wakeboarding From Deep Waters?

So you have geared up and are now ready to get in the water. The first thing you need to learn is to be able to get up and stand on your board from deep waters. Here is a step-by-step process on how to start wakeboarding from deep waters,

  1. Get yourself strapped well and into the water. Go for a slow descent into the water rather than jumping in. You have a life jacket on, you will not drown. Then hold on to your handle tight.
  2. Make sure that the rope length is not too long. Once you are in the water, bend your knees and crunch your hips toward your board. Your arms should be perfectly straight. Now signal the boat to start.
  3. When the boat starts pulling, don’t try hard to get up; rather, let the board do its work. In a few moments, you will feel that the board is right under you. Then you need to stand up slowly.
  4. Keep your knees slightly bent even when you stand up. When you have stood up, lead with one foot. Choose the foot that you are comfortable with.
  5. Now keeping your arms straight let the boat pick up speed, it’s all about keeping the balance from here on out.

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Different Foot Styles In Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding has two styles when it comes to which foot you put forward. These are,

  • Regular
  • Goofy

Regular style refers to a rider putting his left foot forward. It is because most people choose the left foot to balance themselves more than the right foot. So, if you also feel the same then go for the regular style.

Goofy means the opposite, which means putting the rider’s right foot forward. Some people feel more comfortable this way.

You can figure out which is suitable for you in a very easy method. If you have access to a skateboard then just try to ride it with your intuition. The foot you put forward for balance on a skateboard is the foot you put forward in wakeboarding

How To Start Wakeboarding From A Dock?

If you are in a cable park then chances are you are going to start from a dock than deep water. There are two key differences/in wakeboarding tricks.

On a cable park, the rope pulls towards the sky not forward. And you don’t have to be submerged in water from the get-go. Here is how to start wakeboarding from a dock.

The first thing that you need to do is to hold on to your handle the right way. The handle is what keeps you connected to the board so it is important to hold it correctly. When starting, always hold the handle with both hands. You may choose to use only one hand when you are more comfortable and already on the go.

Hold the handle close to your leading hips. If you are regular then hold the handle close to your left hip and if you are goofy then hold it close to your right hip.

The reason to hold the handle to your hip is that it is the center of gravity of your body. And as you hold the handle there, the pull gets nicely distributed and reduces the chances of a face plant.

Now follow these steps to get moving on the water:

  1. Keep your elbows bent when you are sitting on the dock rather than straight out from the get-go as you would in deep waters. The bent elbows work as shock absorbers when the cables start pulling.
  2. Wait for the click sound or the signal. From the sound to the signal, there is usually a one-second delay for the rope to start getting tighter. You need to wait it out and let the pull start when you are sitting on the dock.
  3. Once the rope starts pulling keep your knees bent and slowly straighten your arms as you start moving on the water. Don’t rush to straighten your knees. Keep them bent but firm.
  4. With this, you should be on the water. Now stand up slowly on your board as if it were a platform. You should still keep the knees a little bit bent for further adjustments.

Practices Beforehand

If you are not yet comfortable getting directly behind the boat or perhaps you want to improve your basic skills beforehand, then here is some easy training you should do.

If you sit up straight, the board will float out in front of you. Keep three things in mind: 1) keep your arms straight, 2) keep your knees bent, and 3) let the boat do the work of pulling you out of the water. keep your knees as bent as possible when the rope tightens and the boat begins to accelerate.

Position of the Body

Mastering the proper wakeboarding body position is the key to success in wakeboarding. It is a good idea to demonstrate this body position to your rider on dry land before entering the water.

• Feet in a sideways stance to the boat is the proper wakeboard body position
• Upper body twisted slightly towards the boat through the hips and shoulders;
• weight centered over the feet, with slightly more weight on the back foot
• Handle down and arms straight
• Slightly bent knees with head up+

Practicing The Board Stand On The Ground

To do this you don’t even need a wakeboard. You need to sit on the ground with your both feet planted and your hip crunched towards your heels. Then straighten your arms out. Have your partner pull you up while holding your hands.

You have to let him pull you up. Fight the urge to stand up by yourself. It is an excellent practice to prepare for the boat’s pull.

Practicing With A Board In The Swimming Pool

To get a better understanding of how to start wakeboarding, you might want to practice directly in water. One way to do that without the boat or cable is to strap onto your boat and have a partner.

You need to get in the deep water start position and hold onto one side of the handle. Your partner will stay on the ground and pull you towards him while you just feel the pull and practice as if you were being pulled by the boat.

You should not be tense or too stiff. Loosen your muscle to let the pull work, and don’t fight it. Repeat it till you feel confident enough.

Extra Wakeboarding Tips (How to Get Up Wakeboarding)

Getting up wakeboarding can be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier.

Wakeboarding is a great sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. All you need to get started is some water and a wakeskate. To learn how to wakeboard, you will first need to learn the basics. You will need to take some basic steps and follow a few simple steps.

To get up and board a wakeskate, you will need to raise your legs and lower yourself into the water. You will then need to sit on the wakeskate and extend your arms out in front of you. When you are ready, you will need to push off of the wakeskate and start riding the wave.

When you are riding the wave, it is important to keep your head up and your body upright. You should also be careful not to go too fast. It is important to stay safe while wakeboarding by following some simple wakeboarding tips and tricks. Remember to look around and be aware of your surroundings. If you feel unsafe, stop and wait for a more experienced rider to help you.

Wakeboarding is a great sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. All you need to get started is some water and a wakeboard. To learn how to wakeboard, you will first need to learn the basics. You will need to take some basic steps and follow a few simple instructions.

Final Words

Now that you know how to start wakeboarding, all that’s left is to go try it out. It might feel intimidating but wakeboarding is pretty easy to get used to. With enough practice, you will start doing tricks in no time at all.

Wakeboarding is a sport that many people enjoy, but few participate in. Whether you are just learning or have been wakeboarding for years, there are always ways to improve. You can start with these wakeboarding tips and tricks to help you get better at the sport you love so much. If you need additional information, please visit our website or follow us on Instagram.

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